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SUPER stoked to be partnering with our friends at Dahsar for a very limited edition line of clothing. Come out and celebrate this collaboration.

The 'Wish You Were Beer / Time Is Never Wasted When You're Wasted (TINWWYW) (even the acronym is long, so that doesn't help) collection is to bring those together. It's for those who aren't all there and have something lurking in the back of their heads. It's for those who think about something else when they're at work and the only way to shake it off is by heading to their favorite place. Tattooed Mom is that place. We've been going there for quite awhile now because we have tendencies to break shit but what do you do? You go to moms, where moms will make you feel better. Sometimes you drink to forget but the memory is still there or create good times for those you've just met but you don't remember them at all. Make some new memories with us or don't because this night will be a night to remember/forget.
Dahsar and Tattooed Mom has teamed up for a collaboration that has been in the works since the beginning of beer. Time. 2014. We teamed up with two good friends of ours who are great designers to put out two tees, another two tees you would understand if you've met the Dahsar TMOM dudes, two pocket tanks that might make you thirsty or hungry and a snapback, bucket, and 5panel for those who are just getting into the game what this generation is all about.
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August marks the Invasion of the Corn People as we celebrate those delicious cobs with a special Craft Sunday. Make your very own Corn Critter with a real ear of corn & our crazy corny craft table. Kernels and kernels of FREE fun for the whole family EVERY Sunday in August. All new brunch menu until 4:30pm, all draft beers half price from 5-7 & 10-11pm. 

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Russell King and Royce Bannon hold a special place for Philadelphia and the underground art scene that has made the upstairs at Tattoo Mom's a home for years.  The idea behind ReBoot is to refresh one of the major walls in the upstairs bar area in order to start anew.

The artists will be presenting their work on a section of the wall in order to start what is hoped and expected to be a participation piece.  Through out the evening and the following weeks the wall and its evolution will be documented.

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